Where To Use A Leather Shoulder Holster

Guns and holsters go hand in hand. Though guns are popular in every part of the world, some countries have loads of guns. We are not talking here about military firearms, but the common handguns. This concept is more popular in the west as compared to the east. And when we talk about guns, how come holsters be not included in the talks. There are many kinds of holsters, but today we are just putting some light on a leather shoulder holster.

Ways of carrying a holster

Holsters are carried in many different ways; on your shoulder, on the ankle, inside the waistband, outside the waistband, and in the pocket. Every place has its pros and cons, but some positions have become more popular than others because of the certain benefits they provide.

Waistband holsters have gained a good reputation in the market, but shoulder holster is lagging much behind them. When veterans were asked to describe their experience with leather shoulder holster, their expressions were not so pleasant. Only a handful of them praised the shoulder holsters, maybe that too because they personally liked them.

Best place to position a holster

But in certain conditions, shoulder holsters can prove to be very useful, besides that, shoulder holsters add stars to your looks.  Professional gunners always choose to keep their guns at the waistband, while beginners or people influenced by movies tend to keep their guns in shoulder holsters.

Carrying a gun in a shoulder holster is not considered a professional way of carrying it. it’s not that people don’t like shoulder holsters because of personal preferences, people do not like shoulder holsters because it has some drawbacks. The first and foremost thing is that your speed is greatly reduced when you are drawing a gun from a shoulder holster, and you cant be slow when guns are needed, or you may lose your life.

 An additional garment would be required to conceal carrying your shoulder holster, and it is said that you should never carry a shoulder holster when someone is behind you, you should carry it only when you are alone or you are behind someone. There are a few perfect positions for a shoulder holster when you are in a car, seat-belted.

In this position, drawing your gun from your strong side waistband position is challenging, and the shoulder holster provides you with speedy access. Conceal carrying in winters can be a challenging task as you have many layers of cloth, leather shoulder holster will generally be under one layer, but to reach a waistband holster, you will have to go through a few layers of cloth, which does not sound safe.

Where can you get the best holsters?

When buying holsters, the materials matter a lot, leather shoulder holster is the best, if you prefer any other material like Kydex or nylon, that’s totally up to you. Leather shoulder holsters, or leather holsters, last long. Moreover, they are comfortable too, but if you are inclined towards any other type of holster, that too is good. Make sure that you choose holsters not because others say it’s good, if it suits you, go for it. Kirk Patrick leather makes quality holsters you should visit them at least once.

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