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What Qualities Do John Branca, UCLA Law School’s Most Famous Alum, and Other Top Entertainment Lawyers Have in Common?

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in entertainment law must prepare to complete law school and pass a state bar exam before launching a career. The most successful entertainment lawyers in the music industry have the following attributes in common.


Music entertainment lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the law as it relates to their clients’ needs. It also helps if they have a background in music that deepens their knowledge of music professionals’ legal challenges. For example, John Branca, one of the entertainment industry’s most astute legal minds, was a musician before attending UCLA law school. He attributes his ability to defend the rights of his clients as their entertainment lawyer with a visceral understanding of the challenges they face dedicating their lives to their musical art.


Although knowing the intricacies of the law is essential to defend clients’ rights in the complex and evolving field of entertainment law, having the best resources and connections can go a long way toward promoting clients’ interests. Music entertainment lawyers who are well-connected can broker a wide range of artistic and financial deals, including contract negotiations, better than most other artists’ team members.

Emotional Intelligence

Entertainment lawyers must match their clients’ passion if they want to succeed on their behalf.  At the same time, they must have the ability to remain detached from their emotions when handling sensitive or lucrative negotiations for their clients. When emotions run high, a lawyer must provide the voice of reason that steers clients toward the most beneficial outcomes.

Solid Education

The best entertainment lawyers come out of law programs that cater to this specialized field of law. It’s no coincidence that John Branca and several members of his legal team are alumni of the UCLA School of Law, which has the country’s top entertainment law program.

Powers of Persuasion

Entertainment lawyers must manage a variety of situations and personalities while furthering their clients’ interests. An entertainment lawyer’s ability to sway people and put them at ease is essential for handling sensitive contract negotiations. In addition to knowing how to apply the law to any given situation, the lawyer must have a charismatic personality to effectively work with presenters, publishers, record labels, and anyone who can influence or affect their client’s income and artistic interests.

Anyone planning to pursue a career in entertainment law must possess a keen intellect, but that is not enough. It is necessary to combine legal prowess with various personal qualities that combine to create success.

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