What is the must-have Car interior accessories list?

There are various accessories that can be used to upgrade or improve the standard car equipment for your convenience.  These accessories can be easily installed and come in various price ranges to suit your budget. There are some essential car accessories list and some which might not be so important but the choice is all yours.

Here are some of the must-have Car interior accessories list:

Sun-visor/ Visor clip: They usually come with a mirror inside them which will make you comfortable while driving. You can adjust it to let the sun glide by or if you are using an umbrella for shade.

Seat-belt Cover: Seat belt cover is used for safety reasons which protect the seat belt from damages, dirt, etc. These interior car accessories are easy to install and can be easily removed too.

Dashboard Cover: Dashboard covers protect your car’s dashboard against sun damage. It also keeps the inside of your car cooler thus allowing better visibility without any kind of sun glares or reflection on the windscreen.

Gear Knob Cover: They are made of various materials like leather, plastic, or even rubber and improve your grip on the gear stick making it easier to shift gears while driving.

Glove Box Organiser: Glove box organizers come in various designs with multiple pockets to allow you storage for documents, pen drives, notepads, and other small items. They also keep your glove box clean and tidy without any mess.

Steering Wheel cover: These covers are available for both leather and non-leather steering wheels to give them a new look, grip, and comfort. It will absorb sweat from your palms thus making it easier to drive for long hours.

Center ArmRest: It is a must-have for your car. It will help you to keep your arms relaxed during long drives and also provides storage space for keeping stuff like magazines, earlier.

Sunshade – It is used for protection against direct sunlight entering into the car’s cabin. With better insulation, they help keep the inside of the car cooler and thus protect the car interior from cracking or fading.

Dashboard Décor: These dashboard décor stickers come in various shapes and designs which can be placed anywhere on your dashboard to give it a new feel and look. They add some style to the boring-old dashboard of your car. You can get them with famous brands or even colorful images of your favorite cartoon character.

Glove Box Décor: Similar to the dashboard décor, the Glove Box also requires a bit of attention and can be customized easily with affordable accessories.

Auto Lamp: Auto lamps are a must-have in your car accessories list that you should get installed at the earliest. They help during night time while driving on the road. They turn on automatically when the light fades and turn back off when you switch your vehicle’s headlight.

Car Stereo: Car Stereo is used for entertainment purposes only, either to listen to music or can be even used to play GPS Navigation instructions. It is available in various sizes and shapes with different features like Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, etc.

Car Air Freshener: There are various types of car air fresheners available in the market which will help your car to smell fresh all the time. These are usually scented sticks, sprays, liquids, etc which are hung inside the vehicle. They last longer than other types of air fresheners at home or office where they require frequent replacement due to less durability.

Dashboard Organiser Tray: It is one of those important interior car accessories for your car interior which helps you keep small stuff safe and secure with proper storage space for keeping a mini torch, pens, pencils, notepad, coins, and makeup kits, etc.

Cup Holder: A car Cup Holder is a must-have accessory for your car which will allow you to enjoy your drive without worrying about spilling drinks over your car interior. It also has two cup holders in case one fails or gets dirty then the other can be used instead.

Car Seat Cover: It provides utmost comfort while sitting on leather seats during long drives along with protecting it from dirt, sweat, and hurting it. They come in various materials like vinyl-coated cotton, synthetic fabric, etc. which provide better grip and durability too.

Car Air Conditioner Vent Clip Fan: These fans are installed inside the AC vent of your car instead of having a separate fan fitted onto the dashboard or windscreen. With good cooling capacity, these can be used during summer to cool down the air inside the cabin.


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