Ways to make Windows 10 faster and improve its performance

Before you start to think about the Windows 10 pro upgrade,  you need to know that, it is not hard in making Windows 10 to be faster. The following are some of the methods which you can use in improving the performance and speed of the Windows 10

The main areas which you will have to concentrate on are in three categories which include:

  • Tweaks of the operating system
  • Software enhancement
  • Replacement of the app or its removal

While the upgrades for hardware also is known to work, like having to purchase more RAM  or having to invest in the SSD, they are things which will end up costing you money, and thus, a need to skip them. The following are some of the ways which are effective in speeding up Windows 10:

Turn on the game mode

The Window 10 latest versions, the creators update is able to add in new features which are called Game modes. It is not possible to perpetually run in the Game mode, but you can be able to activate it through having to press G and Windows Key. But you will need to make sure that you enable the Game Mode first.

For the Game Mode to be enabled – which is available only in the Windows 10 creators update, you will have to open the Setting then gaming, and then you pick on the game mode. You should tap the switch for toggle below the game mode.

It is required to be utilized for games, but you can go ahead and activate it when you need to get some speed. It is something which is quite useful if you have a lot of apps on the background which tend to drag down a program that is resource-intensive.

But you need to know that, game mode is going to improve the gaming performance for a few points in percentage. With that, you might as well experience great boost as compared to someone else. The reduced backgrounds apps might improve your performance where no other trick is going to help. Theoretically, the game ode can be able to function within any application which uses the acceleration of GPI. If you would wish to try, they use the Adobe Premiere to practice

Turn off the visual effects

Windows is known to offer ways which are quite easy to shut off the enhancement visual:

  • Navigate to the system, then to the settings to the advanced system
  • Choose the advanced tab from the tabs which are above
  • Under the tab performance, pick the settings
  • Left-click on the button on the radio for adjust for the best performance to be able to shut all the visual effects

To disable the visual effects disabled on a few of the systems might seem to make a great impact, especially on older computers. On the negative, things might not look great. It is advisable that you leave smooth screen font’s edges enabled as it will ensure that you read the text well.

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