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Top 5 Tips from Your Dentist and Hygienist

A beautiful smile begins with your efforts to keep your mouth clean and healthy. There is a huge importance of oral health, which we cannot underestimate. A healthy mouth will lead to whiter and brighter teeth, along with strong gums and good breath, which will ultimately make your smile brighter. 

There are certain tips that every dentist and hygienist suggests to improve your oral health. If you want to take personal instructions from doctors, you can visit a Hanover dentist in the Hanover area, who can provide personal suggestions to you. There are certain general instructions by dentists and hygienists, and we will discuss such tips in this article. 

What are the Top Five Tips From Your Dentists and Hygienists? 

  • Brush Regularly and Properly: It has been said since our childhood that we have to brush our teeth regularly and twice a day. This advice still holds significance, and it is one of the simplest ways to improve your oral hygiene. You can use cavity-fighting toothpaste in which there is inclusion of fluoride so that your teeth are also strengthened. While brushing your teeth, you should be gentle and use circular motion to reach every corner of the teeth. 
  • Floss Daily: You should floss daily so that you can avoid some common oral diseases. It is also one of the most common advice that every doctor and hygienist suggests. Flossing is important to remove the food particles from your teeth, which even your toothbrush cannot do. If you are regular with your flossing habit, it will prevent the buildup of plaque and, therefore, it will help you in several ways to maintain your oral health. 
  • Rinse with Mouthwash: Fluoride is important for strengthening your teeth, and therefore, you should use fluoride mouthwash to clean your mouth. Rinse your mouth properly as per the instructions given on the bottle. It will also help you smell good. 
  • Increase the Intake of Calcium Food Products: We have heard that calcium is important for our bones; similarly, calcium is also important for our teeth. If you are calcium deficient, it can affect your teeth and make them weaker and sensitive. Therefore, to combat such weak teeth, you should increase the intake of calcium food products such as milk and milk products. 
  • Reduce the Intake of Coffee and Sticky Food Items: If you are addicted to coffee, doctors suggest that you should reduce its consumption because it stains your teeth and discolors them ultimately. Additionally, sticky and hard food products make your teeth weaken, and therefore, you should avoid them and instead consume healthy food products like vegetables and fruits. 

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