How Industrial Automation is Forging the Future

We’ve come an awful long way since the start of the Industrial Revolution, when we discovered steam and then the internal combustion engine arrived and the rest, as they say, is history. Then came the two World Wars, which saw technology develop even faster; fast forward to the 1980s and we discovered digital solutions, with zeros and ones to send and receive data. That was a real game-changer and together with chipsets and software, we have never looked back.


This is one of the fastest growing tech sectors that will change the face of manufacturing forever and merging with AI empowers full production line automation. Using state of the art HMI display, technicians can monitor production with touch-screen solutions, ensuring that the line is always working. Robots can now complete complex tasks such as multi-level spot welding and placing delicate components into products.

Artificial Intelligence

There are those who believe AI might be the very last thing that humanity invents, and there is good reason to be wary with machine learning. An example would be that a super-computer that happens to be running the planet has so much intelligence, it understands that humanity is destroying the environment and therefore sets out to exterminate all humans. That might sound a bit far-fetched, but there does need to be some form of regulatory body to ensure that AI is not misused; Elon Musk has repeatedly said that we must be very careful developing AI, which offers unlimited potential.

3D Printing

 This technology empowers people to carry out their own manufacturing, albeit on a small scale; experts predict the emergence of 3D printing shops where you bring your software and the product is printed from your chosen medium. There are many applications for 3D printing; you can create parts that are obsolete, or even design your own product and print it out! Like all new tech, 3D printers are expensive, but the prices will gradually come down to the level where every home will have a 3D printer!

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

This is a relatively new sector that uses touch-screen technology to empower the user, with easy-to-use features and LCD screens that ensure complete control over the processes. If you are preparing to automate your manufacturing, there are Thai suppliers of the best HMI solutions, who offer comprehensive solutions.

The manufacturing industry is evolving and automation is the future for every sector; this is an exciting time to be alive as we enter the Industrial Revolution 2.0.

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