Different Materials You Can Use In The Suspended Ceiling In Your office

When you have decided to install a suspended ceiling in your office, there are various materials you can use for the tiles, and you will need to consider which ones suit your workplace best. There are multiple options you can consider using which offer a variety of aesthetics, and there are also different price points available, depending on your budget. Below you can see some of the various materials you can consider for the tiles in your suspended ceiling to help you determine which ones will be best for your office space.

Mineral Fibre

Using a mineral fibre ceiling tile in your suspended ceiling is an excellent option for your office, as they have various properties and are often made from recycled materials. Mineral fibre ceiling tiles have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, so they can help reduce noise and keep your office at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

There are three primary types of mineral fibre ceiling tiles, which are as follows:

  • Glasswool & Glass Filament
  • Rockwool & Slagwool
  • Ceramic Fibres


Another option you can consider for the ceiling in your office is using PVC ceiling tiles, which are simple to install and can look fantastic. They are also easy to maintain and do not cause as much dust as mineral fibre tiles; they are strong and durable and available in various colours. However, this material is not ideal in areas at risk of fire and is also not the most environmentally friendly option available.


Metal ceiling tiles are a fantastic option for your office that are simple to maintain and look fantastic. Metal ceiling tiles are also fire-resistant and hygienic as they are simple to clean using detergent and a cloth, making them ideal for places such as kitchens and canteens n the office. They can be a more expensive option for your office, but the aesthetic quality they will bring to your workplace and the ease of maintenance make them worth it.


Fibreglass is another option you can consider for the ceiling tiles in your suspended ceiling, and they are a cost-effective and fire-resistant solution. They are one of the highest-performing ceiling tiles you can buy, with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, helping to make your workplace comfortable for your employees. However, you must be careful with these, as the microfibers can be hazardous to health when removing them and will require specialist vacuum cleaners to ensure the fibreglass dust is fully removed from your office.


Another option you can consider for your office space is wood, which has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. You can paint the tiles in various colours or stain them so you can see the grain of the wood, and they can look fantastic when installed. However, they are typically not fire-resistant and require more maintenance than other options, but if you take excellent care of them, they can last for many years.

These are a few options you can consider for your ceiling tiles, and to find more options that may suit your office, you can click here.

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