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6 Great reasons to buy a parent in Leicester with mobility issues a stairlift

It’s a sad time for those who begin to see their parents struggling with their mobility, which means that any journeys upstairs become painful and dangerous, as they hobble along to try and ease the pain in affected joints.

A greater gift an offspring can provide to ease the problem is by purchasing one of the new stairlifts Leicester has to offer for their parents so that they too also have peace of mind, for 6 great reasons.

  1. It restores independence, something invaluable in proud ageing people who do not wish to constantly rely on others for tasks that came as second nature for many years.
  2. The company that installs the stairlifts are family owned and understand its customers and offers a wide range of models to fit any home and available space.
  3. The new lift has a 5-year warranty with a full after-sales service being provided, which offers superb value for money.
  4. The chances of accidents through a trip or fall are greatly minimized, as the lifts have an outstanding safety record.
  5. Discreet cabling feeds the wireless remote control which makes the stairlift convenient and fun to use as energy is restored to the mind and body of the user.
  6. A swivel seat can be provided for narrow access points, which means it is easy and safe to access and relieves pressure on joints.

Buying a new stairlift is a wonderful gift to give to any parent that struggles with mobility issues.

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