3 Simple Steps to Tool Leather before you start working

If you book a session with a leather workshop Singapore, you will notice that before you get started with the entire process, there is a sort of preparation. This is usually to get you ready for the actual work. The same case applies if you are looking to get started with leatherwork.

Before you get into the knives and needles, here are some things that come beforehand;

Find your Type of Leather

Before you get started, you obviously need to have a leather material, otherwise, what will you be working on. It is important to know that there are multiple different types of leather materials all of which have different grade levels and which produce items with different qualities and properties.

Find the perfect leather material for your project. The best might not always be full grain or top grain leather but you want to find a quality type that will bring out your craft and creativity in the best way possible. Your project and skills will be big contributing factors as to what type of leather you are getting.

Find the Perfect Tools

Once you find the material and leather type, you want to find the best tool that will handle your project efficiently. Some types of leather are hard to break and may need advanced kinds of tools to get them into shape. Other leather materials are not as hard and can easily be designed into any form.

Make sure you find the perfect tools that will get the job done. The last thing you want is to get started and have your needles break in the middle of the project. It is even more frustrating if you don’t have any spare tools of the same kind to save your day.

Make Designs

The last step of preparation is to get creative and draw your designs. Most people do flowers and leaves but you can do better. Find inspiration from around you, Google images, Pinterest, YouTube DIY channels. Now transfer your design to your leather and start working.

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